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Boutique, Gifts Store offers quality Afrocentric clothing and accessories for men, women and children. There will be updates that will change with each season so keep checking in to find your must haves. Shipping is free to anywhere in the U.S. *PLEASE PROVIDE COLOR, SIZE AND SHIPPING DETAILS WITH AN EMAIL TO [email protected] FOR EACH PURCHASE WHEN APPLICABLE*

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Luminous Babe ~Ancient Beauty Secrets~

African Women have been using beads for over 40,000 years, and for many reasons. Waist beads are used as Adornments, Sexual appeal, Protecting, Healing, Weight Control, and some even call it "A strand of femininity". Luminous babe believes in natural feminine beauty, and in all the "goodies" nature provides us. Join us in our journey in becoming one with nature and live the healthy way our ancestors once lived. We are breaking all the rules and revealing all the beauty secrets. For all inquiries concerning Our products, please email [email protected] , Stay in touch and tag @luminous_babe__ to be featured on our page, and to learn more about our products.

Beauty Amore

Beauty Amore is the DHB at large Beauty Consultant who is religiously testing the newest trends, researching new healthy ways for beautiful skin, nails and hair. Beauty Amore believes it is the calling for all people beautiful to share their tips, with others and on this platform this information is given freely to keep our beautiful shining through at all times.  

Devotions, Meditations and Affirmations

Meditations, Affirmations & Prayers uplifts the soul and spirit. Teachings, Meditations & Affirmations via Amazon books, YouTube and Self Published Authors, Teachers/Mentors, Literature on Recovery from Disease, Highly Sensitive People, Survivors of Trauma and Abuse, Uplifting Retreats, Book Clubs, Vision Boards Groups and Meetups.

Health Work

Pursuing better Health is a state of mind that is not easy to maintain it takes work, knowledge and motivation. There are adjustments that may need to be made to pursue your own ideal of better health. As sensual beings we have been blessed to have sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch and there are now others to consider, time, balance, breathing, hunger, thirst and the need to move... Recipes, Movement Therapy, Exercise & Detox are explored and shared.


NuWave Entertainment


Musical Score Lab