"I am that I am"

A Woman of God, Daughter, Wife, Mother, Sister, Grandmother, Auntie, Niece, Friend, Mentor, Reverend, Prayer Warrior, Lover of Life, Love and Laughter, Writer, Entrepreneur, Homemaker, Fashion Trend Surveyor, Beauty Product Tester, Wisdom Seeker, Survivor, Creator, Producer and so much more..... 

God saved my life.  I began reading the The Bible at the young age of 9.  I was able to read myself out of panic attacks to a peaceful slumber.  The Word saved my life.  My sanity my sleep my peace and my physical body were all affected when I starting reading The Word.  I wake up daily with the word of grace on my heart thanking God for all.  I do not judge others for their beliefs, that is all left up to God.  

On The Devotional Page you will find words of grace, wisdom and truth from various teachers, leaders and sages.

From time-to-time I will put my own thoughts, prayers, meditations and revelations. 


Life is a journey and we are blessed to be in this here and now.  Words have given me the wings to transcend times of depression, oppression, rejection and to work on the fruits of the spirit: abundance, love, peace, acceptance, forgiveness, grace, hope and patience.

email me:  [email protected] if you would like to share any of your life changing moments, books, retreats, sages, teachers, or followings.  

On this life journey your words maybe just what someone else needs to hear,

Much love,


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